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  ICMR Marketing
Any marketing campaign, plan or advertising requires a lot of deliberation before implementing. Marketing as an entity cannot exist in isolation. Even the most ingenious and impromptu of marketing plans are buried in a extensive groundwork and research, and most top companies would agree that the ladder to the top was always climbed with the confidence that the next rung of the ladder was strong enough to hold one's weight.

ICMR provides complete marketing solutions package with great emphasis on the core marketing issues. ICMR helps you know, understand, and analyze your processes holistically and makes marketing a complete knowledge oriented process!
ICMR provides end to end research solutions customized according to the requirements of our clients. We have the following divisions at ICMR:
Brand and Consumer Research
Applied Economic Research
Social Sector Research
Large Scale Survey
Media Research
Some of ICMR's Media Research Publications are as under:


India's 100 Most Valuable Brands
1st August, 2008

Sizzling Gadgets that India Desires
17th July, 2008

India's Best Marketed & Promoted States
3rd July, 2008

India's 50 Most Admired People
19th June, 2008

India's 100 Most Admired Companies
7th � 20th December, 2007

India's Top 20 IT Companies
9th � 22nd November, 2007

India's 25 Most Innovative Companies
14th � 27th September, 2007, 2007

India's 50 Best Non-Owner CEOs
17th � 30th August, 2007

India's 15 Best Automobile Brands
20th July � 4th August, 2007

40 Women Under 40
22nd June - 5th July, 2007

India's 100 Most Valuable Brands (2007)
25th May - 9th June, 2007

India's 15 Best Banks
11-26th May, 2007

India's 10 Best Marketed States
13-26th April, 2007

India's 50 Most Admired People
16�29th March, 2007

50 Sizzling Gadgets that India Desires
2-15th March, 2007

India's 25 Best Startup Companies
16th February � 1st March, 2007

2006 Mega Year End Special
22nd December, 2006

India's 25 Most Powerful Business Groups
24th November, 2006

India's Top 20 IT Companies
29th September, 2006

India's 20 Young Corporate Leaders
18th August, 2006

India's 25 Most Innovative Companies
18th August, 2006

10 Best Ad Campaigns
18th August, 2006

India's 15 Best Automobile Brands
21st July, 2006

India's 100 Most Valuable Brands
7th July, 2006

India's Top 10 Hotels
9th June, 2006

100 Most Powerful People
9th June, 2006

Special Report on Consumer Electronics
26th May, 2006

10 Hottest Business Destinations
12th May, 2006

Special Report on Smart Real Estate Investment
28th April, 2006

India’s 10 Best Banks
14th April, 2006

India's 20 Most Admired People
31st March, 2006

50 Sizzling Gadgets that India Desires
17th March, 2006


Most loved & hated Indians
3rd February, 2008

The Jihad Factor
6th January, 2008

UPA Govt: Common Minimum Programme
16th December, 2007

Are women safe in nightclubs/bars?
1st July, 2007

Cricket World Cup 2007 Special Issue
12�18th March, 2007

TSI Bangla-New year Special  

A new policy to 'teach' SEX EDUCATION in schools is raising eyebrows - and tempers
12-18th February, 2007

Mega Issue: 2006  

India 2007 - Great Expectations
23rd December, 2006

AIDS - Opinion Poll
11th December, 2006

DADA back as Captain
4th December, 2006

Does Rahul Gandhi have a vision?
2nd October, 2006


India's Most Profitable Companies
22nd September, 2006

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